La Petite Menagerie

S C U L P T U R A L   P U P P E T R Y : combining the line and form of sculpture with the playful anima of puppetry. People were always asking me what to call my work. Trying to figure this out …  this was what I came up with. It fits quite beautifully.
The bodies are built over a wire armature using polymer clay and fibre construction. This is designed to allow motion during and to some degree after the figure is created. It is an inventive process that is both delicate and strong.

Go to CATERGORIES : Sculptural Puppetry to see M O R E ...



  1. To see these puppets come alive on your hand is truly remarkable. It gives people the chance to interface with thier art- a rare and beautiful opportunity.

    As an adult, it brings back the joyful memories of childhood, innocent play, imagination and creativity. These puppets should be a part of everyone’s world. As adults we sometimes experience and witness a harsh reality and these beautiful puppets allow reminders of simpler times when the world didn’t seem to move quite so fast.

    Thank you kate for introducing these puppets into your collection, and into my collection of kate church figures.


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