my world . . . it is a changing . . .

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. . . working towards last year’s public exhibit I felt myself moving into a more complete way of working. I did not fully grasp what that meant but I did feel things shifting under my feet . . .


A month of retreat in Oxaca Mexico was the best unknowing investment for the time of change that was about to arrive. Now, in the midst of it, when anxiousness arises I can return to that quiet beach and things more easily fall away.  I lift my head and heart and find some balance.

Interesting that the show I was preparing was called . . . BALANCE POINT . . .



The large installation pieces began during the visit of an acquaintance who arrived in San Miguel for an extended stay in poor health and without sufficient financial resources. I believe he thought it would all be magically better once he arrived. I tried my best to carry this unexpected weight which provoked feelings I did not recall having felt before; that of someone landing on top of me, heavy and unmovable, a vague sense of suffocation and at times, panic. He, on the other hand, seemed to float by unaware of causing any stress or discomfort. This circumstance grew to resonate throughout my personal life until I decided to push back . . .

then for a while    . . .   I    became    the    one    f l o a t i n g    . . .


. . . my world turned inside out and upside down. Things became so alive it was imperative that I learn to let go literally and emotionally.

and to recall sunrise on the beach . . .



Now about half the way through this challenging time I have been sorting what is still on top of me including the stuff of a relationship I let go of.

Standing knee deep in the piles I realize there is no simple exit door; those doors have been taken and I am left to do the work of digging myself and my soul out.

I aim to lighten the load of responsibility; of spaces and places, of things I have collected for security and been so happy to have until now, and  then   c r e a t e   again.



Minding the noise and confusion, forgiving the anger and sadness . . . it will take  t i m e but I will emerge as soon as I can . . . and then there will be tales of new work to tell . . .





Mineral Point WISCONSIN … a new location to enjoy a class …

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A lovely five day class that covers just about everything to be able to create in my manner of working …. intense and absorbing


metals and polymer workshop added to Albuquerque

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Back for a new session in Albuquerque is the metals and polymer workshop … love teaching this mixed media class !


Another fine workshop …Charlotte North Carolina

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2017 Classes emerging at last …

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so…one by one I am preparing the workshops and posters for this 2017 year.

Charlotte, North Carolina 20-22nd of April:  DANCERS  and  H O O P S  contact: Panze Roberts:

Albuquerque, New Mexico 28-30th of April: FOXIE  and  B L U E  contact: Annie Hooten:

Mineral Point, Wisconsin 25th – 29th of September: BUILDING Sculptural CHARACTER  my in depth week long intro class. contact: Sandra Scott:

I am working on a place to hold a Toronto class…not sure of an affordable location so I am still exploring options for a late summer or fall class near there.

Watch for the next posters in the next few days!! until then…





a little film …

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My friend Reid Campbell, playwright, composer, singer and evolving filmmaker has created this lovely little doc about my show at the Mary Black Gallery this past summer.

Working together has been very inspiring for me and with his permission I am posting it here for you to enjoy.

It has been such a wonder full journey, this is a beautiful gift to have as a memory for this show representing my years…

Remembering ………..

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Eight weeks ago I flew to Toronto to choose pieces from the collections of four of my major collectors for the retrospective part of the show.  These friends, who I met way back when, have a great selection of pieces from the years of my prolific outpouring.

in the box


Donna was the first visit. She had everything ready for me and her dining room table and china cabinet were covered and full. It was very emotional seeing all the pieces and realizing I could remember the time I spent bringing them to life. And, I know you are wondering, she indeed has a Pinocchio character, one with two faces …

We talked for several hours and enjoyed reminiscing about shared moments. She was often the first in the door of an exhibit and proud to have collected some of her favorite pieces. Donna has also come to several of my ongoing workshops in Toronto. She told me her interest was mainly to understand how it all happens but honestly, she has made some lovely little people in those classes!

Donna Douglas 2


I then drove north to overnight with my sister, niece and nephew … a perfect thing on this trip as my sister was with me from the very first show I did in Toronto. She housed me, helped me set up the incredibly labor intensive displays and stood by for the long hours of the first years. She had her babies and they became part of the “crew” as soon as they were walking … my favorite story is on my website to read, but here is the photo of the kids years ago helping me open my boxes and being genuinely enchanted by it all … w o n d e r    f u l l . . . . mostly for ME.

rob and brad 3


Next visit was to Linda and Paul’s lovely home.

I arrived late due to Toronto traffic and getting lost in a city I grew up in, assuming I knew the way and heading off in many strange directions … I arrived a bit shaken and like the perfect antidote, entered a most enchanting world … she and Paul have their pieces throughout their home and it was deeply moving to see how Linda had incorporated her pieces with antiques and beautiful objects magnificently set into an alcove or a corner. They told me how their grandchildren love to come and “find” the figures, which are always magically moving. Linda is a tender sweet quilt artist and so we share a love of fabric, hers in her quilts and mine clothing the figures.


I left there deeply touched … I cannot quite express how much it means to be part of their family memories in a small quiet way…

Linda and I met at the first show I did in Toronto and were friends from that first moment. She was modelling for the fashion designers at the show. New to modelling her career blossomed instantly.  She and I shared the opening day in my booth every year for almost twenty years…I cannot imagine that day without her.

Linda Livingstone


That afternoon I went to see Anne who had found my work ( and me ) at my second show in Toronto. She embraced me as someone special, someone she related to, and would, without knowing it influence my work and my life for years to come. I fell instantly for her and have enjoyed her gorgeous presence in my life for many years.

She and her sister returned to the booth display later and drew a crowd with their joy and laughter while looking at each piece. She was part of the bubbling excitement of the years when people came running … I think secretly she was outside in the lineup getting everyone wound up, giving me her natural gracious enthusiasm and support.

Anne and Sam Alter


Her husband Sam eventually came to a show and I became a fan of his love for Anne … it was a very moving day for me when he chose a piece ( Hatter and the Red Queen ) for their collection.

Hatter and The Red Queen close


The final stop was the beautiful new home of my friends Pam and Bernie. It was so wonderful to see them so happy and catch up after a long stretch of time. We did a tour of the house and my work, beautifully displayed throughout their home … again so emotional and so lovely remembering the times we shared and the pieces they had chosen each year… so many pieces and stories it was hard to decide which pieces to choose but together we agreed on the ones we most enjoyed remembering.  Sadly one favorite had disappeared during the move … and was seriously missed …“Shiny and Dull”  two little dancers, one in shiny pink satin and the other in a dull pink baggy suit. One day I will create them again, but no matter, they are still with us ….

Pam and Bernie Collection


A wee story … Pam and Bernie taught me how to use a credit card machine at my first show. They had come back to purchase a piece and asked if I took visa. I proudly said yes and took out the machine my sister had loaned me from her store. Only trouble was, she was not there and I had no idea how it worked. Bernie took charge and charged himself for their purchase … there was such great laughter and we still laughed remembering that clunky old visa machine at the show …

Hatter’s Tea was borrowed from their kitchen counter where it has lived, even in their earlier home, since arriving from the show. That year I had made this piece for the “Tea Contest” at the big show… it was, of course, the winner !!!

Hatter's Tea


One other little show tale ( the One of a Kind Show ) … I think it was my fifth show and after two long days of set up ; after the long journey to get there ; after the long months to prepare ; and after the final weeks without much sleep … I had it all together.  For the first time the booth was ready before the announcement of the doors opening … I proudly stood taking a breath. There was a commotion ( I mentioned a bit of this before ) in the hallway and turning the corner was a throng of people rushing down the aisle. I watched in surprise and … then … realized … they were coming towards me!!

I blushed, took a breath and the crazy times began. But … moments into the excitement, the many questions and the ” I’ll take this one “ I realized nothing had been prepared for selling and packing the pieces. I had some wrapping and boxes but had not even considered this as part of getting set up. Anne, Pam and Linda were all part of the crowd and understanding the look in my eyes they jumped behind the counter and began to help remedy the situation. That was the beginning of having these very wonderful women in my life. Once things were manageable, Pam and Anne went on to see some of the show and Linda stayed with me. We both remember not looking up until around three o’clock that day … From that show on, Anne and Pam came to help me finish detailing and preparing the booth ( the day before ) and Linda and I shared the long hours of every opening day.

Remarkable really, and as I recall it, I realize how synchronized this work and my life has been right from the first moment I made my first little person.

first one 2



so…at the end of  three days … I had gathered everything,  I headed towards my beautiful friend Janet’s house for a much anticipated visit before flying home to Nova Scotia…

One hour of driving in circles I finally called to advise I was somewhere in the vicinity but not at all sure what that meant … she coached me and turned me back towards her home.

Finally there she was waiting in the street for me to find her ….

Later, while we worked repacking and enjoying our time together, she left the room and returned with a little handful of  BEES!!! She said “The bees have to go”  and, they plopped themselves in the suitcase as if in charge of its precious contents …


Smiling as I write this, I will leave you and tell all about the bees,

another time…


The Bees 2