M E M O R I E S and some N E W things . . .

Sharing excerpts from a Facebook post written five years ago as I flew home from a NIADA Conference. Who knew how my thoughts would be so true for this new now …


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” … Dear Tulip … 

Things never stay the same …

It has all changed …

And so we must also c h a n g e …

And discover … fresh and refreshed inspiration with our work and for our audiences on a more connected and personal level.”


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 … Rabbits follow Wind …

” … personally I am not afraid of change and once decided, embrace it … even when I do not know what that embrace will look or feel like … “


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 … Rooks on a Roll …


” I often wonder about the path before me, and have discovered this contemplation to be a huge part of the process, of heading down that path …


… this new place and way of being and doing has left me knowing that things will transform naturally if we let our set structures go … “


………………………. and so, in my present tense ……………. we have ………………………….. !



… The Arrival …

On this day, July 16, 2020, I am teaching live on ZOOM, the new planet of virtual classrooms. I am nervous, challenged and as much as I can be, prepared.

My work is ready, I have taught myself how to make and edit videos and I pre-filmed the demonstration so the timing would work smoothly for my students, whom I will see images of in little boxes on my screen.

If I share a room with students, I am in my experience and element; but heading into a ZOOM platform with settings and numbers (and my slight dyslexia and low level anxiety kicking in) I cannot see or think what to do … looks like someone in a  p a n i c  to me.

Ahh life at 62.

So much experience, now unnecessary.  This way of working is all new to many of us and still, I am here, ready to give it a try and ready show up to my meeting from here, my studio, on this new jumping off platform, a planet of virtual classrooms.



So, I leave this screen and sit in front of another to teach my first ZOOM session. With support from the young community I am encountering, I will be o k a y …

… what I remember distinctly lovely Kami Lunsford (who was trying to train and assist me while I was in so unsettled in this new place) saying,

” … I’ve got you. “

I love that phrase, reminds me that support and kindness is timeless and ageless.

Nerves and all … here I go ….




~ by kate church on July 16, 2020.

6 Responses to “M E M O R I E S and some N E W things . . .”

  1. I’m so glad to here that you’re trying out teaching via Zoom! I hope it goes really well and you’ll do more. I’d love to find out how to sign up!
    Best wishes!

    • thanks Debie I will let you know! plans for late fall… ideas galore, will always miss seeing everyone and the friends but this is a way to stay connected!

  2. Hi Kate, Please let me know when you plan another zoom workshop or online class. I would love to learn from you.


  3. Love that you are jumping in to Zoom. This is so new to so many of us and we are all jumping in, feet first. So glad you are sharing your talent this way. Hope to catch you on Zoom soon!

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