Spirits and Birds . . .

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My show at the library was lovely.

I had just returned from Mineral Point, Wisconsin where I taught a superb group of enthusiastic artists how to make sculptural characters. We had a great time and decided to hold a workshop again next fall. I have to say that having an entire week to work and dedicate to projects is a fabulous way to do it.

2017-09-29 14.38.21_preview


2017-09-29 14.39.15_preview

Before I left the house had sold and we had begun the task of packing. There was not a moment between the painting, taking photos, the listing and showing. The house sold in two days. We never put the sign up …

I returned from my long journey to friends gifts of help with packing, moving and even hanging The Spirit Birds show at the library  . . .

walking spirits 24x48

My favorite part of the exhibit was the day I came to read my story to the kids who turn up on Wednesday mornings for storytime. I must admit, even though they were young children, I felt nervous to read my story for the first time in public …

attachments 24x48

The story was done and we went on to craft time with a theme of spirit birds with crayons and paper cut outs. This was much more fun than the story because as we all got drawing the kids told me about things they had seen, imaginary things and the magic of the story seemed to linger with them …

spirit birds I


I will complete the illustrations over time and look forward to having an actual book in my hands to return to storytime and read The Spirit Birds once again.










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