rowdy A P P L A U S E . . .


front window


It has been a week since the opening and it is past time to write …

… so how do I express the sincere gratitude I feel for this event in my life… I had an idea and a vision of what I wished to create and found a way to follow it to it’s completion. And the most beautiful part is it was and is so much more, so much richer than I had thought it could be …

The show is on until the 28th of August, so there is time for it to touch more lives .

I love the touching part, the intimacy of the retrospective,  it sits open to whomever wanders through the space.

opening 1


I had such a great experience putting the show together, Susan Charles the director, Becky and Greg the residents were the best team.

It was seamlessly delightful – is that rowdy applause from this wee person for you three?


ready to speak about it


and more for friends and family who came to join me on that opening evening, and not forgetting, those far away who made sure I knew they were there in the spirit of it all, so humbling and so fabulous … W O W !!


opening 3


So now after a most wonderful week of the opening, my sister and brother in law coming to be with me and staying to visit for a few days (these are some of their photos)  and bit of time to recover …

it is mid-summer and I am remembering why I so love this place where I live.

porch life

… further explanations images and episodes will follow of the process so do stay tuned!!!




~ by kate church on July 22, 2016.

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