Blood on the canvas….

mooondancer close up

It is completely appropriate that I would do one of my big marathons in honour of this show. As a retrospective it is fitting that I create a new memory as well as exhibiting the work of these past twenty years…

Yesterday was a day without a break, like the month long push of days without breaks of earlier years. Work is my strong suit so when I chose the life of an artist/artisan I knew one sure thing, I could put in the hours it would require. This is still true today although there are now issues like arthritis to contend with which may be my body’s way of putting limits on my workaholic pleasure…


father t i m e . . .


At one point in the afternoon the old holes in my sewing fingers opened, I stabbed myself with the needle and slid my hand over several pins sticking out of the rear end of the horse   o u c h   and   O U C H    and the expected drops of blood. I had forgotten about the holes. Over the years I rarely used a thimble and my fingers became pin cushions by default.

I rarely had a day without a needle in my hand but lately I am sculpting more than sewing, so the blood on the canvas embellished my memorial day of good old times.

My sore fingers added a touch of self pity and drama to the rather peaceful afternoon. I cleaned the horse (which I might add is a sweet dream unlike the silk and satins I have bled on in the past) and continued trying to avoid the super sensitive holes  ….



Day time turned to night time and the marathon continued …


evening light 3


Hours later and still sewing I thought    ” I would like to listen to a funny movie and laugh my way through these next hours …”

suddenly I could not find my needles  …  ???  so, upstairs I go, find where I have stashed the needles (that is a feat in itself) come back down to headquarters, climb back up the ladder  . . .   y e s   . . .  a small step ladder  ( these guys are taller than my arms can reach but then I am very short ) and I find a needle dangling off the back of the figure …  a h a a a … and shortly thereafter (no pun intended) found the other  in the costume where I had used it as a pin …

I did say I had been sewing since early that morning  r i g h t ??


float close


Needles recovered, pleased with my competence, I prepare a wee supper. Once the stove beeps to let me know it has preheated I go into the kitchen, remember something I needed to write down and forget to turn on the timer. But then I do remember (these are all very important things) and climb down to set it so I don;t  f o r g e t . When the timer rings I notice there is no delicious aroma … and wondering why, open the oven door  :  there is nothing in the stove.

All this to say I had a wonderful laugh and realized I did not need a funny movie I was making one!!


look way up 2


My evening was uneventful after that, wee hours of the morning saw the completing of what had to be done and I went to lay my fingers and other parts  d o w n  ….


the long of it



Today is packing day so there will be no sewing until later this evening when the van has been picked up packed and prepared for the morning drive into the city for set up.

This is perfect because other than typing this little note for you who are reading, my fingers and hands will get a well deserved break.


day into night


…. Did I mention I have another show to complete work for?  There is this amazing doll exhibit going to happen in Petaluma California and the pieces I have created  but not quite completed need to be on their way this very week …    ahhh    …   but they are wonderful pieces   …  more on that over the days to come    …



~ by kate church on July 11, 2016.

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