almost a year later…


suspicious gathering


T I M E … so fast…so slow…so immediate….

Just shy of two years ago I was sitting in Laguardia Airport, waiting for my flight home from a NIADA Conference in Florida where I had taught a workshop and enjoyed experiences with artists, students, patrons and collectors…

Earlier in the year I had developed this concept for a public show about my life as an artist/artisan/maker. I submitted a proposal to the Mary Black Gallery in Halifax Nova Scotia.

I had not been thinking about it. Teaching and conferences were keeping my time tightly consumed and as I sat checking email there was a letter from the gallery…  “Dear Kate:

The acceptance announcement date had past so I felt myself tighten and prepare to read the letter telling me thank you very much but … I read on …“I am pleased to inform you …”     I might have squealed … at any rate I did something appropriately uncool in that snazzy upbeat New York airport booth where I sat, heads turned my way as tears welled and then trickled down my face ….


flight plane


I have seen a lot of airports in the last six years. Travel is part of teaching for me as I prefer to be with students than give online courses. I love seeing people using their hands. The reality of travel as an economy class person is no fun but when I do, time is in a lovely state of suspension and occasional drama.

Eight years ago I was on my way to Las Vegas to be juried for the National Institute of American (actually International) Doll Artists. Weather had shut down the airport and I was informed I would not make it there until late the next day. I had spent over a year preparing and was required to appear early the next morning for their decision. Hours of pleading and re-pleading at various counters finally turned up someone who listened to my circumstance and promptly put me on an evening flight. After the hours of line ups and not giving up I turned to walk away and fell completely apart. The stress had felt endless and the mission I may have failed to complete, was hugely expensive in my world.

I could not prevent or stop my reaction, but I realized no one knew it was me    there    undone     in the crowds of stranded people..

I was voted into the association the next morning and would have had another outburst but had nothing left to give ….

the sleepover


Back to the other airport story…

I sat and read the letter.  Reread the letter … and began to type the vision I had for the show. Time escaping, almost missed my flight.

Reaction to this proud moment had to be written…so running to the gate was kind of like soaring…as soaring as a fifty something with no wings could manage…

come fly with me


In these next days leading up to the opening of a show called BALANCE POINT : twenty years of artistic process,  I will share bits and pieces of how those visions and dreams written at the booth in the airport have guided me in the creating of this exhibit…

travel options












~ by kate church on July 4, 2016.

One Response to “almost a year later…”

  1. OMG Kate, you did it again! Your muse is extraordinary. Perhaps your name was Mnemosyne in another life.

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