Up in the A I R . . . again

dear tulip sm

Airplanes seem to be a good place for me to write … this time winging crookedly homeward.

 The NIADA conference keynote speaker was the gifted and richly entertaining Ronnie Burkett. Check him out by clicking on his highlighted name.

He took us through his years of creating, making and performing his work. I felt he gave us a one man show of himself. Laughing with him and learning about his career, a tear or two as something rang true…

Unfolding tales and images of his shows and adventures, sharing his journey of adapting and accepting challenge and change, he has transformed himself many times. 

Some of what he might have said and what I think I heard:

 Things never stay the same …

It has all changed …

And so we must also … c h a n g e …

And discover … fresh and refreshed inspiration with our work and for our audiences on a more connected and personal level.

He spoke passionately about the intimacy of his new shows and how appropriate this is for the times. I hope this will inspire the challenges we face in keeping our NIADA gatherings fresh and alive …

Rabbits follow Wind

Personally I am not afraid of change and (once decided) embrace it…even when I do not know what that embrace will look or feel like.

I often wonder about the path before me, and have discovered this contemplation to be a huge part of the process. I feel that my recent change; retiring from retail fine craft shows has allowed me to begin to weave my many media and practices together …

figure drawings are defining the sculptures …

painting is large and flat for the sheer pleasure of the contrast …

and the same pigments in my paint box smear my drawing papers and colour the clay of the sculptures.

Ronnie’s words reinforced this and has left me knowing that things will transform if we let our set structures go.

rooks close up

one final note…the details about my new pieces are on my website. Here is a link to the page …  Summer 2015


~ by kate church on July 15, 2015.

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