time flies …

2015-03-31 15.07.32-1

I have not been asleep as my drawing may suggest … just busy in my many layered world and making the most of it all …

This is the first in a series of catch up posts I will do over the next weeks…

I finished my winter drawing sessions and felt excited by the consistency. The years of practice are starting to show.

Using ochre and red oxide pigments I smeared my way through a series of over fifty large drawings…from those I have chosen eleven to be photographed in high resolution so I can play with reproducing these images to sell … the original drawings are very large and felt too intimidating and extravagant for me to try and frame … so I digitally reproduced the drawings to a smaller scale…

But, of course the originals are also a choice should one wish to own an original …

The first set of eight drawings and reproductions are about to be found on my website under “shop : first nudes ” and show the dimensions and price there for any of you who are curious or interested … these are two of the chosen ones.

So, in the last days of March I put away my pigments and crayons and began preparations for six months of teaching, travelling, creating and completing the new sculptural pieces waiting for my attention.

These (teaching sessions) and those (new pieces) I will write about in the upcoming scribblings . . . .


2015-03-31 14.56.06-1

~ by kate church on July 7, 2015.

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