New W O R K . . .

Here are a few of the new pieces I have been creating… they were  created in the studio of the wonderful artist Angelina Perez :

These pieces are terracotta mid-fired clay with terra sigillata glazes. Finishing touches with transparent acrylic paint.

This first set of two figures is called  . . .  P O N D E R I N G  . . .


These next two are part of a series about fleeing the winters of Nova Scotia :   The SNOWbirds  … these two are arranged as if they are making flight plans …

The metal parts are copper, drawn onto and etched with a salt water process I recently learned from the fabulous metalsmith Jesse Bert :

First figure is called W I N D in my B A C K  . . . .

and the second one : F I N D I N G the W I N D  . . . .


Finally this little character is also part of the Snow Bird Series called … B I R D I E … the little bird is still not finished, sitting in his hand before it has been coloured. I will post again once the firing has been completed.


Here is the link to the page on my website where the pieces are listed for sale :


I began working in ceramics seven years ago with the idea that it would be new material and scale for my work but instead found myself using it as a vehicle for developing a printing and patina glazing process. I used the vessel as the form and transfered my drawings into the clay using hand cut linoleum. Then the work was bisqued and glazed in mutiple firings to create the patina.

Nude on Vessel Series

I understand now these figures were not ready then to emerge. Saying in November I was going to have some fun before I let go of making and firing clay, it has instead become a new creative source for my figurative work.


Finally, in polymer, wire and cloth tradition I have been working on the fourth piece in my series of dance characters inspired by life drawing and the model who sparked the series. These pieces take their time to emerge and are a challenge to complete. Here is the next character still in process called : S I T T I N G  P r e t t y . . .


creatures comfort


you may recognize her from the painting I recently completed called : The Telling … although the birds have left her headress … perhaps she is listening to their  t e l l i n g …

the telling sm

The exciting thing about my life drawings inpiring the painting … the painting has now inspired a figure .. and I intend to use the figure as a “model” for a new painting ,  completing the circle of things informing other  t h i n g s . . .

Deeply touched to feel it all coming together from within : something I cannot materialize until it is time. The gift of my gift so to speak …


enough rambling, thanks as always for following xo


~ by kate church on January 24, 2015.

2 Responses to “New W O R K . . .”

  1. Can this day get any better? Looking at your work makes me want to jump right in the canvas to get a better look. Gad-zooks, the playfulness really intrigues me.

  2. Dear Kate,
    You are brilliant!
    Mid fire clay is a whole other material to work with than polymer clay; I would say not nearly as forgiving. But you killed it girl, as you always do. I Iove, love, love your new work!
    Sweet dreams,
    Jeannette xxoo

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