NIADA Conference and c l a s s . . .

Lift off

What a great time we had … the class was, as it always is, a wonderful gift to me. The perfect group and lovely fun … thank you all ! ! !

I was asked if I meant my guided method to be like a yoga class … I love that idea !    If I can create that kind of feeling in my classes then I can send everyone home with a lovely way to work and a making of many heads, hands and feet to look forward to!!

Those who have been in one of my classes will (hopefully) understand that comment.

Here are images of some of the work created in the three days we spent learning and laughing …

ANd then … the conference began …  it was non-stop. I eventually became so worn out that even coffee failed me: I believe, a sign of a good conference, right?

I loved having the chance to know everyone a bit better and to feel excited about the things we will do in the coming years. I am mostly juiced about the growth of the teaching part of NIADA. I truly feel that giving energy and time to teaching brings an essential facet to the face of our art.

And, to be a part of that is a very real priveledge, one that returns as much as is given.

Here are a few pictures of the conference events I managed to take …

I had the pleasure of sharing a room with Lesley Keeble, an incredibly gifted artist and wonderful person … Here she is on the night of the gallery show just after having to move rooms in under ten minutes … we are just about to walk out to the     r e d     c a r p e t    . . .    or it maybe it was beige toned ? … never the less,  there was carpet and the opening gala show . . . and her beautiful piece . . .

The Red Carpetlesley keeble












Here is a link to see more of her work . . .

And a final image, this is my red carpet guy … C R O W .  He was still being sewn when they showed up to move us from our moldy carpeted room to a fresher one (always seems to be about the carpet) just moments before the opening where we were being shown off … so he was indeed part of this star struck event!

CROW spelling it out


~ by kate church on August 26, 2014.

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