Classes in MAHONE BAY …



We have just finished two weeks of classes here at my home in Mahone Bay. Wonderful, just as life is here on the South Shore of Nova Scotia.
I feel a very special enjoyment for my home sweet home when I get to share it with my students …!

First Week : INTRO workshop

Gayle 2

It was a small but mighty group, a luxury to be able to have smaller groups when it is home  …

Below are some of the great things that came of the three days … if you click on any image you will enter the slide show …



hair wave

The first offering of this class was last September in Portola California where I work with a fabulous group of students and dear friends… now the year is complete  and this workshop is oficially retired.

As I finished this final class, I felt that learning a method  for small scale was successful in helping instruct everyone’s sculpting.  As we simplified the process,  small details became easier and features and fingers became more delicate in a natural way.  It is my hope that returning to a larger scale, the delicacy and refinement will carry forward into the work.

I have so enjoyed teaching this one!! And I must say a huge thank you for those who patiently waited when the intricate stringing of the figures into their boxes took such a long time. The good news is that not one box or solution was the same and everyone went away with a truly original treasure.

Several classes came to my assistance and built the boxes for us, and when my box makers in Mexico let me down, we managed to resolve and do even better !

So … many thanks to all of you who took part in this workshop, I loved figuring it all out with you,  my trusting students!!

Here are images of some of the work created in the final little boxes workshop here in Mahone Bay last week.

the little boxes

Remember to click on the pictures below to enlarge them . . . .


Next week I am off to Florida for the NIADA conference where I will be teaching for three days and then soaking up the company of an incredible group of international doll artists…



Then,it is back to the studio to prepare and test out the ideas for September when I return once again to Portola California HOORAY where we will introduce and test out the new workshop :  EXPRESSION and TRANSFORMATION …




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