Spring Class In Albuquerque … an U P D A T E … the newly designed W E B S I T E

down our lane early morn

It  is  N O V EM B E R ! !!  ….

I just finished a phone call with Annie Hooten who organizes and runs workshops in Albuquerque, and we chose the date for the Advanced Class of April 11,12 and 13th 2014!!!  If you are interested please email Annie at   hootenannie4@aol.com and she will sign you up!! If you are in that area and have a desire to do an intro level class, please let us hear about it and we will keep it in mind for a future date !

The workshop calendar is on my website and will be be updated regularly as dates are confirmed. Click H E R E to see the calendar . . .

So…the new website is built!! h oo r a y … I am very pleased with what I was able to do and L O V E the idea that I can add and change and work on it myself. My on line class with Susan Lomuto of Daily Art Muse was great:  here is the link to her classes : http://www.diyartistwebsites.com

And HERE : is my new freshly   M A D E   website!  katechurch.com

Winter is around the corner and since I am not an exhibitor at the OOAKInd Show in Toronto this year  I am preparing for the move to Mexico for six months … this dream has been a long time coming and this will be our first winter as true blue   S N O W B I R D S   !!    It did snow just a bit today and I squealed . . . “Let’s make a run for it . . .”

and  N O W :  NEW and other W O R K for sale . . . anyone interested in seeing what is in the studio at the moment here are the pieces.  I will be working all winter and will post images as they are nearing completion … and then, just to be me, once in a while :  a little burst of smaller people as time allows and inspiration comes along ! Tomorrow I will separate images of these guys, price and post them for  s a l e  . . . .

Fall  2013

and FINALLY : I am preparing for a public gallery show in  July with my friend Claude Chaloux. The winter will be spent drawing, painting , sculpting and seeing if I can successfully combine these worlds I love to create a cohesive body of work for the exhibit ….  It has been several years since I have had an exhibit of process.   I have always needed to make work to earn my living . . . right now my teaching is supporting me and I can focus on this project for a period of months.  Another distant dream being materialized ….

The name of our show is   R E L I E F   and will involve multiple ways of presenting works as a surface,  a surface treatment, an emotion , a conversation  . . . .

This piece named W A N D E R  partners a painting with a sculpture.  The painting is a young woman, the sculpture an old woman … this is about life and perception of self … she is old and she is young and she is surrounded by the negative space of the young figure . . .

Wander in process

I wanted to send a taste of this, my winter process, something that is wrapped around me now …. my new reboso . . . .


~ by kate church on November 3, 2013.

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