A Little Bubble of Excitement…

I am a finalist!

Have you heard of John Fleuvog? awesome fabulous Canadian show designer? Well…

In a class I took this summer that was W O N D E R F U L  in so many ways…we had a model who dressed for us in a tutu, spat socks, boxer shorts, a dance top and these beautiful yellow Fleuvog shoes. We went mad for her. Her attitude and her posture was so compelling we all painted for a whole dreamy afternoon.

the painting small file

T H E N …

I was so excited by my freedom in the painting that I then flowed it into a first of a new series of works I am doing of little dancers in their tutus and crazy wonderful shoes. The first one was so much fun and my work felt new all over again as it always has but this time I had shifted and added the years of drawing and desire to paint into the sculpture. Wildly yummy…

So, in a quiet few days I began to work on another piece that seemed to ask to be one of the dancers….and I went to look at Fleuvog shoes on the internet.

What a great site. But my eye caught something called Fleuvog Creative and I went there to check it out. I found this one place where they were having a contest for a design brief on the new boots called Queen Transcendent Victoria. It was done. I had to use those boots on my new dancer and then photograph her to be my entry to the contest.

I had such fun never attaching to the winning just to the making and the idea of entering one of my pieces into a visual category for consideration, something I had never done more than a few times for submissions to be published. This had a deadline and an edge, you could win some shoes!!!

Here she is!!! and she was selected as one of four finalists

Queeny in tutu levels small file

S O … there is a vote involved and that is where you come in… below is the link to the contest page where you can vote, every day for your favorite! And ONLY if it is me … and this is of any interest for you … you can play along for the next I think six days (as it has taken me my usual too long to get to the keys to write)

How fun can something be??? And after voting go see the S H O E S ! ! ! ! !

C L I C K on the voting booth to carry out the plan!!!



and then of course there will be the rest of the dancing girls …. coming soon ….!!

close up shoes


~ by kate church on September 15, 2013.

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