February in SMA …

other one

Drawing continues to be my place of strength…crayon in hand on the floor…model above…my meditation and challenge twice a week…


This  is combined with my on line class where I am learning to draw and paint as a unifying way of working … something I am searching  for and looking for a way into … still struggling but the class is wonderful for me and is loosening me up in places that I feel are preventing this evolution…struggle makes strength . . . r i g h t . . . . ?

here is a link to the class if you are curious  : 


and here are a few of my excercises from the class that I am in like of …

excercise 1 second

ex2c                                                             This, for me, is like rainbows….

now in c o n t r a s t ….below are two little paintings attempting to work out large open areas to combine with the figure….something very interesting conceptually but the loosness and life I ache to find and LOVE in art is not there …. these are for a little show we are having here in San Miguel, I will post about it when things get closer….

landscape with figure small file                                                                                            so…she sleeps….

landscape with figure 2 small file                                                                                    and…so… she sleeps closer to the sky …

Then, of course there has to be new characters being born….this guy is  W i n d y … .he keeps changing his position … being blown about in the wind …. a bit symbolic for things in my life right now …

Windy before Grackles

and here is Windy in my new studio!!!  we are a l s o, moving this week to a house across the street … so exciting … after almost twenty years here in Mexico I will  have a studio where I can paint sculpt and teach ! ! !

windy in process

so…there is more…a lot more…but it is now   t i m e . . .

Off to drawing class…………….


~ by kate church on February 25, 2013.

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