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The Little Hand Full

Me ? ? STUDY ? ? ?

The class I am offering at the 50th Annual NIADA conference is filling…! If you would like to attend now is the time to register for classes and the conference!!.Classes are June 24-26th and the conference is June 27-30th!

Here is the address for the NIADA site and class info, I am only one of the teachers there!!!!:  http://www.niada.org/dollschool.html

Kate Church = 3 Day Class
Mon. June 24th – Tue. June 25th – Wed. June 26th

An Inspirational Approach to the Doll

Description: This class will teach Kate’s approach to making polymer faces, hands and feet. Students will then create two cloth bodied figures, incorporating the clay parts– one soft and another sculptural–using a simple wire armature.

That was a lot of learning...

That was a lot of learning…

This is turning into quite the year of teaching…! I am thrilled and excited about all of it. Once this year is over I may need a rest myself!!


~ by kate church on February 4, 2013.

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