Full S P E E D Ahead . . .

dolly to booth

Last week we completed the long drive to Toronto for my annual show at the One of a Kind . It was (I believe) the nineteenth year and it has been my life’s main focus for these many years. It is a five day event which I prepare for all year and has been how I present my new annual collection. This show has been very good to me, but this year was my last. It is time to do something that is less stressful, consuming and containing.

Home now with the final burst of things to do after the big show. Shortly I will post available works for those of you who are waiting patiently for this to happen. This year will evolve the new website with galleries, a teaching calendar and my first ever attempt at an on line store…! so…. please continue to be patient with me as I spend the long hours building the pieces and adding them in! It will be my new way of presenting my work and accessible (as I create) to everyone …

SO … Life is new again for me. As always I ask too much of myself  but, now I intend to simplify my work life and create a little space to enjoy this amazing world I inhabit (rhymes with a rabbit)!


So, here’s to full speed into the next chapter…whatever it turns out to be! And, to follow are images of my available work. If you wish to purchase anything, please email me and I will help you do so!


And, remember my motto for my final show and for my next incarnation:

Weaer FRuit on Head blog post




~ by kate church on December 3, 2012.

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