q u e P A S A y M A N Y A N A …

M A N Y A N A . . .


May is around the corner which springs my life into five months of teaching and travelling… Ontario is first on the list and although the classes are filled no doubt a few spots will open up …

If you are interested please let me know!!

I am also doing an introductory class in Chester Nova Scotia in July as well as an Inspired Doll Workshop in Northern California in September! Watch for info and dates soon!!



q u e   P A S A . . .


This has been an amazing winter for me as an artist. I have indulged my artistic heart and felt inspired by everything I have been involved in.

I have loved this creative time and feel I have begun to blend my many practices into a connected body of work….it may take a while before it fully surfaces…but I am excited to see it happenning here  in my incubation place … San Miguel … where my simple world pulls out the best in me.

Here is a series called BLUE SKY  … a set of drawings from life class used to create three copper etchings which were embellished with oil paint and collage….

and for a final image…a painting that combines my trademark characters with a canvas…it is a learning piece and is still being painted…but it shows the beginning of the connection between my sculptural figures and the marks I make….

Tra laH …..!



~ by kate church on April 15, 2012.

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