T h e D A L L A S W o r k s h o p

We had a great class!!!

I made a little poster from the workshop. It has taken me an entire week to be able to post it. We are now in Mexico and have had difficulty getting the internet connection to work… I forgot that things are not the same here as they are in my little house in Canada and we often encounter new and interesting surprises…

I love being here in my other life … and this is just part of being here. so I am reminded there is always   . . . M A N Y A N A . . .


~ by kate church on January 25, 2012.

One Response to “T h e D A L L A S W o r k s h o p”

  1. Oh yes! Yes each and every one of us were surprised that we could really make super fun faces, hands and feet for a cool doll in a reasonable amount of time. Kate’s instructions were clear, thorough, and repetitive when we needed it so that we would actually be able to do this again when we got home. I can not tell you when I’ve had so much fun. If you get a chance to take a workshop from Kate, jump on it – – – you won’t be sorry. Contact me if you’d like, I can give you more details.

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