a Y E A R in the M A K I N G . . .

Red Bird Blue

Red Bird Blue

so…I write at last.

There has been no time to write and post which is why this never happens. If I did not make every single thing myself I might have a life that had time for this stuff that is so important for those that want to see into my studio and work from everywhere…

Bag Lady Commission

SOOO sorry is all I can say. I promise to do a catch up letter when I get home in two weeks (or three) and fill in the other two shows I had this year with some images…and some of the development I am involved in to create the new ceramics I call V E S S E L S …

These are very dynamic years for me as I work intensley to combine all of the facilities I have practiced over these many years.



B U T presently we are about to begin the One of a Kind annual show I have done for almost twenty years…!

The B I G Show

The B I G Show

It is harder to do all the time and I must admit I have never gotten good at it. Mostly because I make it all new every year and use it to push myself to bring a body of work that is designed to both be my art and a craft that I can sell reasonably in order to make my living. This show has been good to me, but it has consumed most of my working life for these many years.

I do only five days once a year as far as “shows” go and the fact that I work most of the year to prepare for these days is all you need to know about why I am behind in most things…

Lofty Talkers hand puppets

Lofty Talkers hand puppets

Most would think my life insane, the hours the process the constant building of the next set of tools and equipmen t… but it has built my home and put clothes and food in my life so it must be somehow right for me.

Hatter`s Table

Hatter`s Table night light

Self description: A creator driven by the art of the process…as long as I am learning then I am happily materializing which then equals something to sell in order to make ends meet.

Other definition: If I manage to have a zero balance in my bank account I am doing fine.

E N O U G H words!  on with the images!!!

Picture us in our little station wagon enroute to the show. In the back are the following…

My Little Chickadee

My Little ChickadeeFragility


StatuequeHattea and Birdee street wire pieceGossips Teathose were a few pieces from my show A Certain Mentaliteathis spring…Balloon TeaFlyers IHere are my new miniature pieces from my show this year in the Czech Republic…one day will become jewelry pieces…hmmmm….more work to do…Flyers IIThree AcrobatsAcrobat IAcrobat IIAcrobat Ballet

Now…The N I G H T L I G H T S : little tin boxes with little characters in them. Battery lit they are really cool…


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