long time coming

White Rabbit's T I M E


hey there…

I have had a long stretch where I have been hiding and spinning creatively…many have written and want to see what is in the studio and what is available to buy…I am getting there…

I have had a LOT to do and not had the time to complete everything , but here we are.

There is a lot going on in the development stage.

This year I have realized I am just one little person who has a million strings attached to her imagination often all being pulled or activated at once … o u c h … it can get pretty noisy in that mind of mine.


… this spring and summer…

I have found and taught myself  how to fire one very old and one  new small test kiln so I can play further with my ceramics…buttons are my teach-myself tool…

b u t t o n b u t t o n . . ?

I have designed a first collection of one of a kind cloth “eye bags” for  eye glasses worn around the neck as a decorative fashion piece ( because I needed this)… A N D in the coming weeks I will be creating some slightly larger ones for i pods and blackberries and cell phones to be worn over the shoulder (they are much heavier than eye glasses) … and will begin using B E A U T I F U L  Silks my friends bring from Thailand … all natural dyes, hand spun, hand woven … so yummy …  of course mixed in with scraps from my dolls and linens and silks I have gathered over the years… go to my link for Tammachat to learn more about these fair trade beautiful silks and other wares…

eye BAG ...

eye bag C O L L E C T I O N one

I have continued to develop my greeting cards which are wonderful but still looking for the right way to print them…my paper is 100%PCW (recycled post consumer waste) and I love it. It comes from this wonderful little company called Paper Choice … go to my links for the info.    Right now I am printing with my inkjet but hoping soon to have a quality print process in place for the cards…then I can sell them

I taught a bunch of great classes, the highlight being my first class at the Haliburton School of the Arts this past July…a week intensive in which I stood before sixteen very wonderful enthusiastic students and ended up using my  face  to demonstrate how to sculpt polymer … I never knew I could be such a clown but everyone could see!!!                   l o v e d  EVERY  minute!

The W O R K S

I have a new company  for this new stuff :   T w o  B i r d s  a n d  a  S t o n e  is the name I came up with because of the multiple nature of my “selves” (two birds) and the frustration (a stone) of  wanting to do e v e r y t h i n g … stay tuned … lots to do yet but it is so much fun for me … I LOVE the new graphic work I have been playing with…

Tinges of future in this cool jewellry box work. I adore making it because I am learning about metal and stuff. It is more what I might call c o s t u m e (as the eye bags are) than jewelry … The pieces  …  they attract attention …  A N D great part: when you take them off … they go into a little theatre box to sit on a shelf or hang on the wall … At the moment I get to do this  work only  once in a blue moon but truly hope the moon is blue more often in my future

R e d Q u e e n I I

F r a g m e n t s Pendant in Jewel Box

and of course my wonderful guys…they are coming along slow and steady one on the table at a time…I am more in love with these characters than ever…

The L i t t l e Circus

Then there is Cirque du Soleil.

La POULE for CIrque du Soleil

I have developed three new pieces  this year and I am creating them one at a time in the studio … no more reproductions … which I am very happy about. You can find these new guys at the Cirque Boutique under Kate Church I believe… they are based on characters from La Nouba their permanent show in Florida.

Diabolo for Cirque du Soleil

Le CON for Cirque du Soleil

There are still some reproductions out there for those looking for them…4journeys.com is one place they still have some of the “Kate Church Collection” (made before the Cirque pieces were produced). Cirque’s pieces are completely sold out but can be found by watching ebay I hear.

! So, there you have it. News and images…

and tomorrow I will begin to organize some of these windows for you to peek into…

Windows that hold the work that is happenning.

I will no longer try to become larger than I am. I have tried so hard for so many years to become this bigger producer…or company or whatever you call it but it is not what I am meant to do.

I am simply an artist who loves to create. I will work on completing one thing at a time and understand that I will never get to it all.

If something interests you you can always email me and I can tell you more about it, but as I now know, it will be one by one so try to be patient with me!

If you are among the many who just want to see some pictures, here we go!

Happy F A L L – ing leaves!!


~ by kate church on September 11, 2010.

4 Responses to “long time coming”

  1. love love your work!!

  2. Holy Crap! You are talented! and prolific. So glad to see what you are working on. Wish you’d come down here sometime and hang out with Hope and me in Charlotte!
    Laura Moore

  3. Kate, So happy to read about your adventures and your tests and trials in becoming larger, and then deciding to remain true to your personal creative/creation path. I so understand the feeling of all those strings pulling you in many directions and how tempting it is to try to satisfy all of them in a big way. It’s refreshing to hear about someone NOT wanting to get bigger.

    And, they may be ‘tests’ for you, but I LOVE those buttons! So sweet and with the whimsical, lyrical Kate signature. If you’re selling any of them, e-mail me. Michel is knitting a lot for our son (and is always looking for interesting buttons, Luca and I would love to get my hands on some for who knows what project I can cook up!

    Love the White Rabbit too!

    Happy Fall to you!

  4. Wow! such a gift to see the many new layers of Kate Church’s artistry!

    you are an amazing conductor of art, magic, wisdom and movement…


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