Albuquerque is full and … One Additional Class Added in Hayward CA …

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I am so thrilled about the response to classes… thank you   a l l   SO  much!!

We have decided to add one final 2016 session :

Dancing Fools Encore 

November 16 &17 in Hayward CA to celebrate this fabulously fun and exciting year :  A two day session, it requires students prepare the basic costume so we can   fit   it   all   in .

Click  HERE  for contact info on my website …

In the next years I plan to travel to teach just three times a year, as the time between engagements is not long enough to do focused work or enjoy my bicycle …

One more huge thank you to everyone for this wonderful full on year of great classes and the best students ! ! ! ! ! !

Holly 2

I am your delighted fan …. xo

Rescued for now!!!

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Hoping the site can make it to the fall … then a new website will be created to be less vulnerable … but for now oh so happy to be back from the flight of those pigs!!

O H N O … the getaway … or they got A W A Y …

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Niada 389a2061

… it is true, the weird add with flying cows saying “something is not quite right” placed over my website means I was hacked and the site I spent so much time creating is no longer functional.

For me, it means recreating everything and trying to figure out how to make it work all over again … yikes … so if you are trying to see my site, I apologize, it is not there.

It will reappear shortly in an altered format until I have the time to recreate it.

For now, forgive my messy website, and for those who need more information, I will answer all questions at ….

Up in the A I R . . . again

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dear tulip sm

Airplanes seem to be a good place for me to write … this time winging crookedly homeward.

 The NIADA conference keynote speaker was the gifted and richly entertaining Ronnie Burkett. Check him out by clicking on his highlighted name.

He took us through his years of creating, making and performing his work. I felt he gave us a one man show of himself. Laughing with him and learning about his career, a tear or two as something rang true…

Unfolding tales and images of his shows and adventures, sharing his journey of adapting and accepting challenge and change, he has transformed himself many times. 

Some of what he might have said and what I think I heard:

 Things never stay the same …

It has all changed …

And so we must also … c h a n g e …

And discover … fresh and refreshed inspiration with our work and for our audiences on a more connected and personal level.

He spoke passionately about the intimacy of his new shows and how appropriate this is for the times. I hope this will inspire the challenges we face in keeping our NIADA gatherings fresh and alive …

Rabbits follow Wind

Personally I am not afraid of change and (once decided) embrace it…even when I do not know what that embrace will look or feel like.

I often wonder about the path before me, and have discovered this contemplation to be a huge part of the process. I feel that my recent change; retiring from retail fine craft shows has allowed me to begin to weave my many media and practices together …

figure drawings are defining the sculptures …

painting is large and flat for the sheer pleasure of the contrast …

and the same pigments in my paint box smear my drawing papers and colour the clay of the sculptures.

Ronnie’s words reinforced this and has left me knowing that things will transform if we let our set structures go.

rooks close up

one final note…the details about my new pieces are on my website. Here is a link to the page …  Summer 2015

views from the s t u d i o . . .

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studio 2

I have made some new pieces … here they are in their formative states, some completed and others essentially there but still awaiting their finishing and details… !!!

These are the drawings I chose to reproduce …

here are some small originals with gold leaf backgrounds I brought to the conference to show as well ….


CLASS is underway . . .

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I am writing this while attending the annual NIADA Conference to teach a 2 1/2 day intro class and attend an international gathering of doll artists whom I enjoy seeing whenever I can. This conference always adds richness and inspiration to my year.

My teaching year began in May with the Vancouver Island sessions which opened my eyes to having  t i m e . Having a week to do the intro class was much more of a fit than three days, so I will work to make the shorter classes fall into the appropriate time frame, something I have trouble with.

Marla Limousin, who organized our workshops is an artist, pupetter, doll maker and more, and as well the co-owner of the Blue Moon Winery in Courtney BC. A most gracious and generous host, she took care of everyone as we spread ourselves across the tasting tables and every other corner we could find for two whole delicious weeks. Delicious was the time spent and the amazing food we had during the classes … y u m …

The grounds of the winery are beautiful and are a creative expression of a it’s owners. It was lovely to slip away and walk through the rows of blueberries or sit for some sunshine when it was time to clear the head … the wines the ciders and honey we tasted were extraordinary … time flew and the two sessions were done, we all left inspired, especially me.

It only can get better from here as it always does in this teaching journey I am on. Every workshop seems to find the best of me and that experience informs and fuels the ones that follow.

That said, let me fill in the schedule for the remaining months of this year. The next four months are two and three day workshops and the dates are now confirmed.

August 4,5 & 6 I have a small intro class in my home town of Mahone Bay , Nova Scotia.

August 15 & 16th I travel to Port Smith, North West Territories for an intro workshop.

Dancing Fools sm   Animal Crackers

September 1-3rd is the “Dancing Fools” workshop in Mahone Bay. Then September 25, 26 & 27th the “Dancing Fools” will be in Toronto. You can contact me for more information . . .

In October there will be three workshops in Albuquerque organized by the fabulous Annie Hooten. We begin October 17,18 & 19th with “Animal Crackers” where we will play with animal imagery in a humorous form…even perhaps crossing between animal and human characters. Cannot wait to see what the students will do with this class!  … then October 22nd a one day request for “Salt Water Etching on Copper”  …  and we finish the 23,24 & 25th with the “Dancing Fools” .

Contact Annie at for more info about these three classes …

copper etching workshop  Transformation Workshop sm

And to close this year, I go west again in November to Hayward, California to do two intense, two day workshops of the “Dancing Fools” and the “Transformation Worhshop”, which the Dancing Phoebies have asked me to compress into this format for their group. These workshops require a commitment of preparation from students so we can complete the teaching of the sculptural parts in two days. Not for the faint of heart, but these are doll makers and they are experienced enthusiasts!!!

contact Daisy at for more info …


And that is the wrap for 2015.




time flies …

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2015-03-31 15.07.32-1

I have not been asleep as my drawing may suggest … just busy in my many layered world and making the most of it all …

This is the first in a series of catch up posts I will do over the next weeks…

I finished my winter drawing sessions and felt excited by the consistency. The years of practice are starting to show.

Using ochre and red oxide pigments I smeared my way through a series of over fifty large drawings…from those I have chosen eleven to be photographed in high resolution so I can play with reproducing these images to sell … the original drawings are very large and felt too intimidating and extravagant for me to try and frame … so I digitally reproduced the drawings to a smaller scale…

But, of course the originals are also a choice should one wish to own an original …

The first set of eight drawings and reproductions are about to be found on my website under “shop : first nudes ” and show the dimensions and price there for any of you who are curious or interested … these are two of the chosen ones.

So, in the last days of March I put away my pigments and crayons and began preparations for six months of teaching, travelling, creating and completing the new sculptural pieces waiting for my attention.

These (teaching sessions) and those (new pieces) I will write about in the upcoming scribblings . . . .


2015-03-31 14.56.06-1


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