TalKinG wiTh CroWs . . .

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In the early summer I created a little masked crow series called “The Covid Crows”

Masks have become such a symbol of this time, something we now make or buy as fabric of life outside our homes.

These crows have masks over their eyes, not over their beaks like we humans … a bit of humor on the altering of the face or hiding of one’s person behind these masks we now use for protection from the airborne virus.

These little birds have inspired two projects.

First inspiration was a small weekly workshop in my home called “Talking with Crow” something I am now in the midst of developing into an on line workshop to launch early in 2021 …

Teaching is one of my sources of joy. I enjoyed the pleasure of “in person” learning again and recognized its value especially now, when this privilege is so tentative. Being able to access creativity is an antidote to the feelings of isolation and loss we can experience these days.

This group will continue to play and work together using my class as a jumping off point. It was very special to be part of their plan.

In organizing the teaching sessions, an idea to design and create “kits” that could travel from my workshop to yours took form. CREATIVE ART PROJECTS was born and I identified with it as a kind of ” s h e l t e r ” from the storm.

I have at last put the final touches on these first kits. It has been an intense labor of love and I am proud of the many tiny details … the silly striped stockings I made to save the stress of sewing something so tiny, the eyes for the masks, the conditioning and rolling of the clay for the cut outs, the hand written instruction booklet, the doodle that became the cover illustration, the hand binding of threads which hold the booklets together …

This is a new adventure for me, a way to bring a little pleasure into your mailbox and artspace, one I hope can help with the long winter ahead of us while we wait and hope for a safer world.



OPTION ONE : The Complete Kit : $75.00

The complete kit contains : handmade instruction booklet, pattern sheet, cloth, wire, stuffing, pins, prepared polymer clay, pre-made stockings, pre-made eyes for the mask, pre-drilled birch base.

EXTRA TOUCH : Tutorial video link.

OPTION 2 : The Pattern and Instruction Kit : $28.00

This package contains the handmade instruction booklet and the pattern page. You are the gatherer/maker for this option.

OPTION 3 : A One of a Kind Crow : $150.00 – 195.00

This option is indeed one of my crows! Choose the one you would like from the individual pieces shown below … new crows will be added as I make them …

OPTION 4 : TALKING WITH CROW Series pieces : approx $350. – 395.

A crow and a figure, an ongoing conversation … they will be added here as I make them …

I am going to update my now ‘antique’ website (haha) it still says … opening a gallery soon … but this is an intense amount of work and will be my winter project… BUT if you want to purchase from this blog, simply email me at and we will work out the details.

TRA LAH and a very good evening to all ….

FLying LeSSonS . . .

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I am so happy to write that I am able to manage long work sessions again. It has taken a while.

Healing from illness and then treatment is indeed a long journey but mine I can say has at last turned the corner into good health.

I wish I could hold these feelings forever, contrast is the most apparent when it begins and comes after its opposite.

A few months ago I was able to complete two new pieces of larger work.

Intense hours are part of this process and fine details made over and over to get them right requires a large amount of concentration and patience.

The ability to immerse into the work brought a sense of timelessness and a deep quiet that fills my soul. I had forgotten how deeply I enrich my life from this place.

This, for me, is making art.

I remember this” I found myself saying, but to recognize it as having not been there made it all the richer and more profound.

Recovery is my gift of this time.

The Arrival : mixed media : 18″ x 9″ x 20″ : $2250. CAD

The story might have gone so many ways, but now, as I feel and see myself returning to a place I lived before the illness I find the ending worth all the time and struggle to arrive.

I can only say this is far more than I expected. A surprise and a reveling in what I took for granted.

A Poem For The Swan : mixed media : 20″ L x 13″ W x 16″ H : $2500. CAD

The sweet little characters I loved to make are also back.

It was something everyone told me “to do” while I was (let’s call it) “away” and as much as I heard this and wanted to make these guys, they were not available to me … I am grateful that I never questioned this, I just could not do it.

One cannot turn the “genuine” switch on and off, it is a mix of energy and heart that I dedicated this work to when I began to bring them to life. Ridiculously sentimental but true.

I am again working with this gracious gift and more than before, must treat it with respect and gratitude.

Life is so precious.

Here are the new little pieces “in process”, if you click on any of the images they will open in a slide show

They are not completely finished but are far enough along to post and let out for a test flight into the big world of blogger sky …

The series I have called “FLYING LESSONS” as I relearn the skills of attending to the work. I am simply the navigator and delighted maker, and they once again are asking to fly.

I hope you enjoy these new characters.

You will recognize them.

Growing in ways I had not known I would … let us take lessons



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As promised…

We had to decide on a platform to hold the conference and Facebook was our choice because it seemed to be able to facilitate all of the things we were wanting to include.

Chris Chomick has sat in the driver’s seat for us and made this possible…hats are off and hoots are being heard for her long hours and patience through the massive work of making this happen.

If you enjoy this in any way, send your hoot out as well into the virtual conference cheering section !!

here they are!!!


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Several months ago NIADA had to cancel the 2020 conference.

Like everyone, we gathered on Zoom to talk about the possibility of creating both the conference and classes on line.

After a few meetings (actually many) we realized most of us were enthusiastic but had little to no experience with working live on our computers and devices or creating on line videos and teaching sessions.

Although we were willing, it was a daunting thing to imagine learning enough to be able to teach virtually. After taking some first steps, we agreed we would need more development time and would aim for classes to begin early in the new year, 2021.

The conference committee however continued to plan for an August Virtual Conference and it opens TOMORROW … !


I have been very busy trying to learn, adapt to new devices, use video editing programs (for beginners) and  help build an art auction/fundraiser with a wonderful group of dedicated members of the organization.

We have learned a ton and enjoyed the fellowship and intensive creative work of putting this all together.

If you have any interest in seeing some of the world of these amazing art doll makers please consider joining us for the conference.


ALSO : there will be three exhibitions that you can visit which will open to the public tomorrow, Thursday August 19th.

UNMASKING THE FUTURE : our silent auction and fundraiser.

GALLERY SHOW : artwork from those who were able to manage the learning curve.

ARTISTS EXHIBITS : where you can see more of NIADA artists work.



It has been a tremendous job and perhaps if we had known what we were tackling we might have chosen to simply cancel the conference. BUT we didn’t.

Here are links to the conference registration and the NIADA website.

2020 Virtual Conference – Registration




I am very proud to have been part of creating a catalog of the artwork created for the fundraiser and the on-line auction which opens also tomorrow and runs until Sunday at noon EST.








M E M O R I E S and some N E W things . . .

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Sharing excerpts from a Facebook post written five years ago as I flew home from a NIADA Conference. Who knew how my thoughts would be so true for this new now …


No photo description available.

” … Dear Tulip … 

Things never stay the same …

It has all changed …

And so we must also c h a n g e …

And discover … fresh and refreshed inspiration with our work and for our audiences on a more connected and personal level.”


No photo description available.
 … Rabbits follow Wind …

” … personally I am not afraid of change and once decided, embrace it … even when I do not know what that embrace will look or feel like … “


Image may contain: 1 person
 … Rooks on a Roll …


” I often wonder about the path before me, and have discovered this contemplation to be a huge part of the process, of heading down that path …


… this new place and way of being and doing has left me knowing that things will transform naturally if we let our set structures go … “


………………………. and so, in my present tense ……………. we have ………………………….. !



… The Arrival …

On this day, July 16, 2020, I am teaching live on ZOOM, the new planet of virtual classrooms. I am nervous, challenged and as much as I can be, prepared.

My work is ready, I have taught myself how to make and edit videos and I pre-filmed the demonstration so the timing would work smoothly for my students, whom I will see images of in little boxes on my screen.

If I share a room with students, I am in my experience and element; but heading into a ZOOM platform with settings and numbers (and my slight dyslexia and low level anxiety kicking in) I cannot see or think what to do … looks like someone in a  p a n i c  to me.

Ahh life at 62.

So much experience, now unnecessary.  This way of working is all new to many of us and still, I am here, ready to give it a try and ready show up to my meeting from here, my studio, on this new jumping off platform, a planet of virtual classrooms.



So, I leave this screen and sit in front of another to teach my first ZOOM session. With support from the young community I am encountering, I will be o k a y …

… what I remember distinctly lovely Kami Lunsford (who was trying to train and assist me while I was in so unsettled in this new place) saying,

” … I’ve got you. “

I love that phrase, reminds me that support and kindness is timeless and ageless.

Nerves and all … here I go ….