W r i t i n g on R E L I E F . . .

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An intimate part of  the show are the writings from the journey of my work. As I completed the labels and added my words to the walls I felt I would also place them here with images to surround them, to include some of the emotional content that was part of creating this exhibit.


R E L I E F : my definition : Creating an altered surface. Somehow lifting things forward or moving over other things.


two rosas and domino box dancer



Human L A N D S C A P E :

Process : Discarded drawings painted over. Back to sessions with the model and draw again. Paint eraser conte crayon flannel pastel graphite; layers enriching lines pulling on the figures. Often the whole paper wiped, leaving only a faint trace  . . . then again . . .

human L A N D S C A P E drawings

Smearing drawing erasing scrubbing off areas scratching scribbling. In time I stopped watching and joined with the work climbing into the surfaces.

human L A N D S C A P E  2

Exploring red oxide and gold leaf over the skies, creating bright space above the horizon . . .  mark, colour, texture, surface found harmony. I felt the paper sing.

human L A N D S C A P E  4

Connecting papers is something I have played with for many years.  This series was created over four months of life drawing sessions. When papers emerged they seemed to fall into a natural sequence, into a larger form of the experience.

human L A N D S C A P E  6

The series became E I G H T papers…here is a slideshow of the series, just click on the first image and it will lead you through the sequence  . . .




. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



To speak about a place of deep insecurity, of searching for  r e l i e f :      As I joined the surfaces during drawing sessions, as the work found strength and harmony in the sky, as I began to hold a paintbrush as I would a piece of graphite or conte  . . .  in those moments I found release.


.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .


Reflecting on Angels:

Symbolic of hope, flying, mischief, love, afterlife

I do not see the wings … to me angels are those who cross or enter your path without marking it . . . shifting perspective, opening possibility at the heart.

Breath of fresh air … purity and light … movement … raw kindness

If one became aware of the wings, there would then be the need to learn how to use them.

sense of wings alt light


.  .  .  .  .  .  .

Finding Relief : the connecting of different practices, using the strength of each … hitting straight through the lines, the layers, the doorways … then humbly starting again.


balance   20 x 25 ½“


.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .


Because liberty and ability was pushed gently towards strength, once I could hear him I was able to express with greater freedom … the gold layer brought both discovery and completion ~ like a crowning of the years it has taken to make these marks of emerging confidence.


blue   43 ½ x 23”


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


This work is my evolution, my relief.

I have always loved the idea of painting … somehow felt marked for it … in critique there has often been disfavour and discouragement … in reaction I have shied away.

I have returned repeatedly to the brushes, and the connection remains tentative. The desire to unearth deeper significance aches within and does not let go.


rose and gold   47 x 31”


The  p o e m s . . .




Growing like sharp teeth on tender flesh                                                     

Like ancient rumours of bad blood.                                                            


In a flicker of remembering                                                                      

Reduced to the most intimate darkness.  




Isolation     deep                                                                                                    

Playful     solemn

Intriguing     distant

Life     intensely     moving

Inside     the     stillness

Feeling     like     touching

Speaking     of     nothing                   



Dream closer    


A beggar

Crying for applause


Wishing a stranger would recognize some greatness

And lift me up.


.  .  . . .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .


gaze    39 x 34”


.   .   .   .   .   .   .



If I were to simplify all the words it would be that what has always been in my heart and soul … at last has entered my blood.




.   .   .   .   .   .   .

Metamorphous close up


The show now  rests  . . .  with   y o u .








one week L A T E R . .

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opening day with the girls

Four friends and I piled in the car and drove to Church Point to celebrate a birthday (not mine) and visit the show. This time the weather was perfect, sunshine all the way, wind gentle and sweet.

We added the labels, writings and the artist statement … and then we cheered. The show is officially    O P E N ! ! ! !

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

R E L I E F :  Artist Statement

Figurative works by Claude Chaloux and Kate Church.

The show explores the concept of the surfaces of a  material form attaching to surfaces of emotion evoked by the word relief. Each of the artists has worked independently in following and interpreting this concept.

The title has a double meaning.  In the French language, relief means landscape, which is a subject of the show, explored in the different surfaces and textures. In the English language, the Oxford dictionary defines relief as ‘a feeling of reassurance and relaxation following release from anxiety or distress’. 

These two aspects of the meaning of the word R E L I E F are found throughout this exhibit and hold the spirit of the show. Surfaces are the major emphasis of the exploration and conceptually the material connection of the two artists.


The show celebrates Claude Chaloux’s arrival in the province of Nova Scotia 33 years ago.  Claude and Kate share a friendship of more than a decade.


Ce titre a été choisi pour le double sens du terme.  En français, le Larousse dit: ” Ce qui fait sailli sur une surface. (…) sculpture

dont le motil, les formes se détachent en saillies plus ou moins fortes par opposition à la ronde bosse.”

En anglais l’Oxford définit relief comme: ” un sentiment de réassurrance, de relaxation; se libérer de l’anxiété ou de la détresse”

C’est par le relief, la surface les textures que l’expression créatrice des deux artistes se rejoint .


Cette exposition coincide avec l’arrivée, il y a 33 ans, de Claude Chaloux en Nouvelle-Écosse.  Kate et Claude partagent un belle et longue amitié depuis plus de dix ans .

.  .  .  .  .  .  .



Several friends made the long journey despite the hurricane, only to find the University in the dark and the show unreachable … to you and those I have not heard from … my sincere apologies for being unable to reach you, and gratitude for your effort. Please let me know you tried, I would love to know and will find a way to bring the show to you, even if it is via a video/slide show … it is indeed a very long way to Church Point .

Here are images of Claude’s pieces I promised to post. E N J O Y ! !!

ANd, if anyone is “down the French Shore” our show is there until August 31st. Look for the building with the tourist bureau. Open from 7am – 7pm.  If the gallery for some reason is locked, they will open it for you at the desk or the cafeteria.

Claude’s gallery shop is just down the road :  ART & MINÉRAUX : left hand side, heading towards Digby in Belliveau Cove, here is his email :


art & mineraux


and then there was L I G H T . . .

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DAY  S E V E N . . . we finally got our power back, we were part of the last five hundred homes to be repaired after the storm . . . feels amazing but there are still people out there without power  . . .

so the switches are back on and life is returning to normal ? Excitement, gratitude combined with a deep sense of   p o w e r . . .

AS promised, here are the first images from our show.  tomorrow I will put the final touches on the writings and see the show to its completion. Such a long journey to get there . . .


S O O N   I will post Claude Chaloux’s images . . .

P O S T : tropical storm ARTHUR hits Nova Scotia and our OPENING is in the black . . .

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W O W the opening was officially locked out!! we arrived to find that the building at the University was locked down due to no power after the s t o r m … it was pitch black in the building where they were welcoming the new students arriving for summer classes.
As we walked through the dark long hallways, the students carrying luggage and finding their rooms by the light of their phones were singing the JAWS soundtrack and we all got pretty giddy … broke the tension that’s for sure!!
So the opening was a hit, hit by Post Tropical Storm Arthur.

We have no power or phone lines, all for the moment out of service . . . we saw commuities from Caledonia to Kingston without power but certainly subject to the power of Mother Nature.

So… off to the lake to get some water and have a swim while we wait until the power corp restores our worlds …. might be Thursday they say now on the answering services . . . so thankful it is summer and the lakes are so beautiful.

For those of you waiting, I will be able to post the show a s a p . . . as in once we have some power again!!!

till then xo

Church POINT of view . . . .

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We arrive at the far end of Claude’s gallery shop where we picked him up to begin the  process of  hanging the  . . .


From the entrance to the gallery, we turned to look over the main campus building where the old church steeple lifts up into the sky . . . storytale beauty

into the sky

then inside to bring our show to life . . . it is awaiting the opening day and . . . the arrival of hurricane Arthur  so we are on storm watch as the drive is 3 1/2 hours across the province . . .

back wall

Here are images of the work in the gallery . . . and once edited,  individual images will be added



The S U N D A Y News . . .

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daydreams . . .

This image of   D a y d r e a m   was taken last evening at dusk.  I love the way the gold leaf seems to be lit from within as it catches those final moments of daylight  . . .

I plan to put everything on my blog and website Wednesday July 2nd and can be purchased by emailing me.  The work is on exhibit until the 31st of August and can be shipped immediately thereafter.

I am working on a few smaller pieces to  “accompany”  the show. . . they will be availible as they are completed and will appear here,  on the website and in the gallery shop at the University . . .  stay  t u n e d  . . . .





Four S L E E P S . . .

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Today I cleaned the studio as I detailed things, placing them carefully in good light, feeling ready for Tuesday and the excitement of the installation. This is not a normal state for me, I am usually working until the last  m o m e n t  . . . .

Dream detail


This exhibit feels so symbolic of change in my life,  even this final stage of the process is new, holding a kind of grace I have not experienced before  . . . .




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