A new year b e g i n s …

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Happy New Year everyone…

Mine starts here in San Miguel, tucked in until April … creating, learning and adding depth to my directions. So love and need this time creatively. Back in the life drawing studio two days a week and painting madly to find a voice … sometimes with pleasure others with crisis …  which is perfect of course … presently sculpting some new pieces which I hope will link these two worlds, something I feel closer to being able to accomplish now …

A N D    the workshop calendar is confirmed for this year and I can send final registration info to any who are interested… here is the schedule:

CLICK on this link : http://www.katechurch.com/classes-in-sculptural-puppetry/c-a-l-e-n-d-e-r-2-0-1-4/ 

There are student images and more information on the website the link takes you there….!

I remain hard at work which is why coming to wherever I teach is always so refreshing and inspiring … looking forward to a great year with and for everyone that my life touches …

smiling,  KAte….

W O R K for S A L E . . . November 2 0 1 3

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As promised  . . .  available  W O R K   . . .

click on an image to view the slideshow  . . .  escape through the X in the upper left hand corner  . . .

click   H E R E   to go to my website for more images and details …

Spring Class In Albuquerque … an U P D A T E … the newly designed W E B S I T E

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down our lane early morn

It  is  N O V EM B E R ! !!  ….

I just finished a phone call with Annie Hooten who organizes and runs workshops in Albuquerque, and we chose the date for the Advanced Class of April 11,12 and 13th 2014!!!  If you are interested please email Annie at   hootenannie4@aol.com and she will sign you up!! If you are in that area and have a desire to do an intro level class, please let us hear about it and we will keep it in mind for a future date !

The workshop calendar is on my website and will be be updated regularly as dates are confirmed. Click H E R E to see the calendar . . .

So…the new website is built!! h oo r a y … I am very pleased with what I was able to do and L O V E the idea that I can add and change and work on it myself. My on line class with Susan Lomuto of Daily Art Muse was great:  here is the link to her classes : http://www.diyartistwebsites.com

And HERE : is my new freshly   M A D E   website!  katechurch.com

Winter is around the corner and since I am not an exhibitor at the OOAKInd Show in Toronto this year  I am preparing for the move to Mexico for six months … this dream has been a long time coming and this will be our first winter as true blue   S N O W B I R D S   !!    It did snow just a bit today and I squealed . . . “Let’s make a run for it . . .”

and  N O W :  NEW and other W O R K for sale . . . anyone interested in seeing what is in the studio at the moment here are the pieces.  I will be working all winter and will post images as they are nearing completion … and then, just to be me, once in a while :  a little burst of smaller people as time allows and inspiration comes along ! Tomorrow I will separate images of these guys, price and post them for  s a l e  . . . .

Fall  2013

and FINALLY : I am preparing for a public gallery show in  July with my friend Claude Chaloux. The winter will be spent drawing, painting , sculpting and seeing if I can successfully combine these worlds I love to create a cohesive body of work for the exhibit ….  It has been several years since I have had an exhibit of process.   I have always needed to make work to earn my living . . . right now my teaching is supporting me and I can focus on this project for a period of months.  Another distant dream being materialized ….

The name of our show is   R E L I E F   and will involve multiple ways of presenting works as a surface,  a surface treatment, an emotion , a conversation  . . . .

This piece named W A N D E R  partners a painting with a sculpture.  The painting is a young woman, the sculpture an old woman … this is about life and perception of self … she is old and she is young and she is surrounded by the negative space of the young figure . . .

Wander in process

I wanted to send a taste of this, my winter process, something that is wrapped around me now …. my new reboso . . . .

WE D I D IT ! ! !

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head shot crop

Queenie has officially won the contest and I am so smiling about it. It was such fun to share this with you all, thank you for your great show of    S U P P O R T ! ! !

I promise, once I get my new shoes, I will send a wee post for the fun of it!!

T H A N K    Y O U     e v e r  y     O N E ! ! ! !

A Little Bubble of Excitement…

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I am a finalist!

Have you heard of John Fleuvog? awesome fabulous Canadian show designer? Well…

In a class I took this summer that was W O N D E R F U L  in so many ways…we had a model who dressed for us in a tutu, spat socks, boxer shorts, a dance top and these beautiful yellow Fleuvog shoes. We went mad for her. Her attitude and her posture was so compelling we all painted for a whole dreamy afternoon.

the painting small file

T H E N …

I was so excited by my freedom in the painting that I then flowed it into a first of a new series of works I am doing of little dancers in their tutus and crazy wonderful shoes. The first one was so much fun and my work felt new all over again as it always has but this time I had shifted and added the years of drawing and desire to paint into the sculpture. Wildly yummy…

So, in a quiet few days I began to work on another piece that seemed to ask to be one of the dancers….and I went to look at Fleuvog shoes on the internet.

What a great site. But my eye caught something called Fleuvog Creative and I went there to check it out. I found this one place where they were having a contest for a design brief on the new boots called Queen Transcendent Victoria. It was done. I had to use those boots on my new dancer and then photograph her to be my entry to the contest.

I had such fun never attaching to the winning just to the making and the idea of entering one of my pieces into a visual category for consideration, something I had never done more than a few times for submissions to be published. This had a deadline and an edge, you could win some shoes!!!

Here she is!!! and she was selected as one of four finalists

Queeny in tutu levels small file

S O … there is a vote involved and that is where you come in… below is the link to the contest page where you can vote, every day for your favorite! And ONLY if it is me … and this is of any interest for you … you can play along for the next I think six days (as it has taken me my usual too long to get to the keys to write)

How fun can something be??? And after voting go see the S H O E S ! ! ! ! !

C L I C K on the voting booth to carry out the plan!!!



and then of course there will be the rest of the dancing girls …. coming soon ….!!

close up shoes

HOME s w e e t HOME….

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shadow header

This travelling and teaching year began in early April a n d has been fabulous … I cannot begin to talk about all of it, as each class and every group of students was of so different and so incredibly rich… THANK YOU everyone!! The great thing for me is that every class is unique, those involved and the agendas people bring, combined with the personalities that connect and engage us together is so interesting. It always amazes me how individual these sessions truly are.

Albu 2 banner

Teaching has consumed me, in such a surprising and valuable way. What I teach is what I do. I bring myself and the many years spent inventing this process as our material. There is a framework, and as anyone who has worked with me knows, it is an extremely crammed framework, but it is my intention to deliver all of the basic skills needed to go ahead and do this work on your own after one of my introductory workshops. Of course the follow up element of practice is the best teacher but planting a basic process and delightful experience helps get you into your studios.

such fun

My next class will be in my home and is a try out for having small workshops here in Mahone Bay in the future. This pilot class is a group of my students who have been working with me for a while and are willing to allow me to test out some new ideas while we work away on their own personal projects and directions. If it proves successful I plan to hold future sessions here at my Nova Scotian home.

Elizabeth copy

AND also … I am developing an Advanced Series. My intention is to teach a variety of specific projects that encompass a direction or scale of sculpting and building … something quite focused and perhaps less frantic at the end?? … the plans are about to be tested … so at this point I can only plan and imagine …. a wonderful place to be.

The first one will be my final class of the year and promises be very exciting!!! It is being held in late September in Portola California (close to Reno for anyone wondering where Portola is) … This session was chosen from several ideas I have brewing. The theme is LITTLE BOXES  The poster is below and will appear on my Facebook page very shortly for anyone curious and interested. It is being hosted and organized by my friend and colleague Sherri Morgan, her contact info is at the bottom of the flyer OR here it is right now for those that are in a hurry … shesculpt@aol.com

ADVANCED SERIES -little boxes

on a personal note….belly

I have had a few inquiries about new work … with teaching being my main focus for this year, I have not had more than a few weeks between coming and going and preparing … so the work I have made has traveled along with me and sold as I traveled … delightful and light but I am aching to be in the studio for a longer time to work on a new collection. My time for this will be over the winter as I now have HOORAY! a studio in Mexico and will be able to devote time and focus to my work over the extended time we are planning to be there.  My aim is to launch new work over the website I am learning to make (has anyone noticed…I have only the bones so far and is being done in my spare time) but once built it will be the place I post my work as I make it, complete with an access for purchase for anyone who wishes to do such a lovely thing!

three amigos CROP

The website I am building is through a class instructed by a wonderful artist, curator and trainer, Susan Lomuto. A woman who has brought us the wonderful Daily Art Muse pages over the past years. She is teaching on line and here are links to her classes and website. I know another class is going to start in September because I will be part of that group as I continue to learn and create my dream site.



As always with me, patience is the key!! And remembering I am a one man band of at least three bands!!

bird brains 2 banner

Sorry for the long winded post…but then it has been a w h i l e  ! ! !

p.s. I will soon post available work as well as teaching plans for 2014 …

s t a y    t u n e d    !  ! !

February in SMA …

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other one

Drawing continues to be my place of strength…crayon in hand on the floor…model above…my meditation and challenge twice a week…


This  is combined with my on line class where I am learning to draw and paint as a unifying way of working … something I am searching  for and looking for a way into … still struggling but the class is wonderful for me and is loosening me up in places that I feel are preventing this evolution…struggle makes strength . . . r i g h t . . . . ?

here is a link to the class if you are curious  : 


and here are a few of my excercises from the class that I am in like of …

excercise 1 second

ex2c                                                             This, for me, is like rainbows….

now in c o n t r a s t ….below are two little paintings attempting to work out large open areas to combine with the figure….something very interesting conceptually but the loosness and life I ache to find and LOVE in art is not there …. these are for a little show we are having here in San Miguel, I will post about it when things get closer….

landscape with figure small file                                                                                            so…she sleeps….

landscape with figure 2 small file                                                                                    and…so… she sleeps closer to the sky …

Then, of course there has to be new characters being born….this guy is  W i n d y … .he keeps changing his position … being blown about in the wind …. a bit symbolic for things in my life right now …

Windy before Grackles

and here is Windy in my new studio!!!  we are a l s o, moving this week to a house across the street … so exciting … after almost twenty years here in Mexico I will  have a studio where I can paint sculpt and teach ! ! !

windy in process

so…there is more…a lot more…but it is now   t i m e . . .

Off to drawing class…………….


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